How to Naturally Get Rid of Gas in Babies

Gassy babies are unhappy babies…

A gassy baby isn’t simply being unhappy but she’s experiencing pain and discomfort that isn’t allowing her calm down and rest.  Also, as any parent knows, when baby isn’t happy the entire family can often be unhappy or cranky.  So, In order for baby to be comfortable and the family to get some rest, you’ll obviously want help baby with her gas pains.

How to Naturally Get Rid of Gas in Babies

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So, what should you do after you’ve determined that your baby is gassy and nothing seems to be working but at the same time you don’t want to give her something that may harm her?  The question is how to naturally get rid of gas in babies?


  • Cycle or exercise your baby’s legs.  Lay your baby down on her back facing you and take each of her ankles and begin moving them slowly up into and into her belly.  Remember to do this gently in a cycling motion and try to make it fun for the little one if possible.  You can also take the babies ankles and gently move them back and forth in one motion into the babies belly to help relieve gas.
  • Give her some supervised time on her tummy.  Provide your child with some adult supervised time on her tummy, helping to remove those gas bubbles and also the discomfort.  This exercise is also good for the baby’s neck and head development.
  • Carry your child on her belly using the “football” method with one arm.  This also pushes those gas bubbles around and can relieve your baby.
  • Purchase all natural gripe water that is formulated especially for children.  Grip water is a proven and effective way to relieve your baby of unwanted and painful gas pain or discomfort.  We’ve used it on our own daughter and she responded well to it.
  • After she begins to experience a measurable relief, give her a warm bath and pour the warm water over her belly.  Oftentimes, this simple step will help to sooth the baby enough to where she’ll fall asleep.  You can also use a natural lavender soap or oil product to help sooth your baby. Lavender has long been known to have soothing qualities.  If you do use a lavender product, you may want to introduce this slowly to ensure that your child does not have an allergy.

These methods have worked for us.  Hope they work well for you.

For Happy Healthy Babies,


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